Mathematics Education

The importance of mathematics has never been greater than now and for the foreseeable future. Mathematical skills are crucial for a wide array of analytical, technological, scientific, security and economic applications. Training students to become adept users of mathematics and to appreciate its usefulness is of paramount importance for the future. If you love doing mathematics and helping others to understand how mathematics can be useful and important to them, mathematics education may be your calling.

Mathematics teaching is an area of national need so the demand for mathematics educators throughout K-16 is very high. At the University of Iowa we have an excellent program which will train you in the latest developments on the teaching and learning of mathematics, including how technology can profoundly impact those ideas. Learning to communicate clearly about mathematics with learners will be a fundamental component of the training as you will be spending time in school classrooms working with students during your training. With a mathematics teaching certificate from the College of Education at the University of Iowa, your credentials will put you in a great position to compete for the crucial work of training our next generations in an ever-changing society.

Mathematics Education Programs