Foreign Language and ESL Education

Welcome to the Foreign Language and English as a Second Language Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Iowa. Our teacher education and graduate programs are designed to develop leaders in foreign/second language instruction, research, and education.

Please browse our degree options below and contact us if you have any questions. Click on the program name to go directly to the informational page on that program.

  • Our undergraduate teacher licensure and English as a Second Language added endorsement programs prepare superior language students to apply for an instructional license to teach foreign language and/or English as a second language in elementary through secondary schools.
  • The Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is intended for future and current English teachers and administrators in primary and secondary school settings who are not able to enroll in face-to-face classes in the United States. Students take rigorous online graduate-level courses from the University of Iowa, which provides an important advantage when seeking and retaining positions in English language teaching and administration.

  • Our graduate programs (MAT, MA, PhD) provide in-depth preparation in the theoretical and practical aspects of language learning and teaching. The PhD program builds on that preparation while also providing students with the necessary knowledge and research skills to participate in independent research, program administration, and positions of leadership in a variety of settings.

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