English Education

Our English Education Program draws from and contributes to a proud local and global heritage. The University of Iowa is known throughout the world as “The Writing University,” and Iowa City itself is the first UNESCO American “City of Literature.”  If you want to be an English teacher, you can’t choose a better school or city than this one.  Your program will begin and end with carefully designed internships in real schools, where you’ll work with teachers and students as a tutor, coach, and teacher.  You will study literature, writing, digital media, and other contemporary topics in our famed English department, and add to that five specialized courses in pedagogy., which will take you to many sites in which people read, write, listen,  speak, and produce.  You’ll expand your definition of the word “literacy” while you enjoy clinical experience helping it happen.  


  • Undergraduate
  • M.A.T. English Education
  • English Minor
  • 5-12 Reading Teaching minor 


Strong Girls Read Strong Books

The Strong Girls project offers the opportunity to explore how children respond to literature with a variety of different responses.