Collaborative Writing Consultancy

Need assistance with your academic writing? We are here to help!

The UI’s College of Education’s Collaborative Writing Consultancy provides graduate students with a writing tutor who can assist with academic writing: to revise, discuss and offer a one-to-one “workshop” setting as you prepare your papers. This is a collaborative process, requiring both student and tutor to improve the content of your paper. We will accomplish this in the following ways:

  1. Make appointments with a writing tutor during your writing process: planning the idea, outlining, organizing, writing the thesis, adding researched material, etc. When the tutor is familiar with your writing, style, and assignment, you will have a successful tutoring session.
  2. Recognize that you “own” your writing; it is your responsibility to revise your paper with your tutor’s guidance. The tutor will not be able to write the paper for you!
  3. Encourage yourself to meet with a tutor more than once for the same paper as it moves from draft to finished piece.
  4. As you participate in the College of Education’s Collaborative Writing Consultancy you will become more confident with your academic writing, and work toward more writing independence.

Not all students will be able to bring papers to the CWC at the beginning writing stages. But the CWC expects you to bring the assignment and specific questions to your first session. The tutor will work collaboratively with you to help you improve the overall plan and content of the paper, offer ideas for developing the work, and then make a follow-up appointment.

The tutor acts as a catalyst to prompt you to recognize areas in which your writing needs developing or improving. Tutoring is a collaborative process that works best when both parties understand the writing goal. Progress in reaching those writing goals is best observed during multiple tutoring sessions.

We offer sessions in 25- and 55-minute time slots. Students cannot make more than two appointments in one week. The Collaborative Writing Consultancy is not an editing service; it is not a place to “drop off” papers and have them “fixed.” Rather, your collaborative sessions will enable you to become a better writer of papers appropriate for graduate study and publication.

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