College of Education Annual Report 2012-13


Dean Nicholas Colangelo

As I look back on my past year as dean, what stands out is the passion and generosity that people express about the College of Education. The message I hear so often from faculty, staff, and students is “What can I do to help the college?” This is a message that permeates the halls of Lindquist Center and certainly has my gratitude and respect.

We have done several things this past year that at are at once visible and profound. We rolled out our new brand with our tagline of “Leaders. Scholars. Innovators.” These three vibrant words do capture the soul of this college. We have also enlivened the halls of Lindquist Center with posters of faculty, staff, students, and alumni highlighting achievements. Eighteen new digital kiosks throughout the Lindquist Center now provide opportunities for highlighting people, events, and connecting everyone in the building. And we have artwork being placed in the hallways of Lindquist so that at every turn there is a message of education. As I said, while all of these new features have a visibility to them, they are a much more subtle and substantive message of the essence and work that characterizes the excellence of the College of Education.

Since I have mentioned the Lindquist Center, let me also inform you that this is the 40th anniversary of the Lindquist Center which houses the College of Education. Built in 1973 and named in honor of E.F. Lindquist, the building is a legacy to the genius of this man who personifies our tagline.

At the end of the day, the true “brick and mortar” of any building is the people. The college’s international recognition is due to the excellent faculty and staff who make incredible contributions through their research, teaching and service. It is also due to the outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who take their diplomas and degrees and make their impact in their professions and in their communities. And this recognition is due to alumni and donors as well who care about this college and support us with tremendous passion and generosity.

As you review this publication, you will be introduced to some remarkable people and see many accomplishments of this past year. It is my honor to present this annual report and to say thank you.

Warmest regards,

Signature of

Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D.
Myron and Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education

  • Gifted Leader

    From shock when her high school guidance counselor told her she shouldn’t take calculus because she was a girl to the satisfaction of leading an international center dedicated to advancing gifted education, Susan Assouline has experienced the highs and lows of her field first hand.
  • Iowa Testing Programs Innovates New Test

    Americans now have a new option for high school equivalency testing thanks to a partnership between the University of Iowa College of Education’s Iowa Testing Programs and the Princeton, New Jersey-based, nonprofit Educational Testing Service.
  • Pursuing a Scholarly Life

    Twenty-five diverse future doctoral students from around the nation spent the summer in Iowa City learning how to pursue their academic dreams.
  • For Iowa - Forever more

    The University of Iowa stands at the threshold of an era of great promise, and we must act quickly and boldly to bring change to life for new generations.
  • Why I Give: To Provide Enhanced Learning Opportunities

    “You plant the seeds and step back and watch them grow,” says Linda Baker, a generous donor to the University of Iowa College of Education. “You just have to trust where you plant the seeds and I absolutely trust the people at the University of Iowa and at the College of Education.”
Cover of 2012-2013 Annual Report
The College ranks 32nd among 1,200 schools granting doctoral degrees according to U.S. News & World Report. Specialty programs continue to rank in the top 20, including Rehabilitation Counseling #2, Higher Education Administration #12, Counseling/Personnel Services #13, and Secondary Teacher Education #19.

650 graduate students enrolled who study in areas as diverse as counseling, psychology, higher education, measurement, and educational leadership.

500 undergraduate teacher education students enrolled.

Our external grant funding of 32 faculty members, representing all four departments, was $6.4 million.

There was an increase of 20% in gifts received last year. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our alumni and friends who donated nearly $2.4 million to the College.

368,844 students across Iowa completed the Iowa Assessment administered by the College's Iowa Testing Programs.

$4.6 million was awarded to 220 graduate assistants.

230 online courses delivered generating 7,818 semester credit hours and 3,119 student enrollments.

27,068 College of Education alumni are living and working in 99 Iowa counties, 50 states, and 72 countries around the world.