Iowa Center for Assistive Technology Education and Research (ICATER)

ICATER is a technology and universal design resource for all members of the education community to build learner capacity, and increase access to learning opportunities.

Powerful Assistive Technology (AT) can greatly increase learning and reduce barriers for all students. Our purpose is to make AT available to you. Come and visit our lab to learn all about the latest in speech to text and text to speech software, cool apps for iPad and iPod, Read and Write Gold, Blio, and other great products that reduce or eliminate barriers for all students.

To fulfill our mission, ICATER will:

  • Maintain a lab where students can test drive AT equipment and software.
  • Provide AT instructional modules for COE graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • Provide an AT course for graduate students on technical issues, accommodations, and legal aspects.
  • Provide Web-based AT resources related to technical issues, accommodations, and legal aspects. The target audience is COE pre-service students, faculty, and in-service professionals.
  • Ensure students with disabilities obtain needed accommodations.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with community based agencies and resources to ensure adequate support for individuals that use our center and services

Many different individuals and groups benefit from ICATER

  • ICATER can help students with disabilities reach their full academic and career potential. The Center is a place where students can try out different devices. They can regularly use the most current AT available to learn how to determine the most appropriate AT for each student.
  • Faculty will find ICATER an important resource for information of not only what technology is available but also how it can be used in their classrooms to meet the educational needs of all students.
  • Future teachers and counselors can learn to use assistive technologies in university-level courses taught by the Center through the College. Future teachers will learn about assistive technology universal design for learning. They will also learn how to work with parents and education agencies to best meet the needs of their students. Counseling students will develop psychosocial counseling skills for both students and parents on issues related to disabilities, such as self-esteem, accommodations, and aiding the transition from school to work or higher education.
  • ICATER has identified and established partnerships with leading organizations in the field of assistive technology that expand our knowledge and service base on a local, state and national level. This in turn will enable ICATER to reach more people than ever before.