Research Centers

Research and innovation are at the center of the College of Education. We are home to six world-class research centers that focus on gifted and talented development, testing measurement and assessments, disability research and education, evaluations of educational and social programs, undergraduate education, and assistive technology.


Collegial collaborations benefit STEM education

The University of Iowa colleges of education and business are partnering to develop new ways of teaching entrepreneurship as part of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Initiative. The project started this month with an institute for teachers who will serve as leaders across the state in envisioning and implementing STEM entrepreneurship curricula.
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International School Leadership Summit: Indian educators visit UI College of Education for professional development

More than 20 Indian educators visited the university and local community this fall for the first International School Leadership Summit. The summit provided a professional development program in K-12 leadership and encouraged collaboration for additional educational opportunities between India and Iowa.
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ICATER receives Better Futures for Iowan's grant

Associate Director of the Iowa Center for Assistive Technology Education and Research James R. Stachowiak and his graduate student, Jennifer Andersen, have embarked on a mission to better educate faculty working with special needs students about new technology available for students with disabilities. Their work is now aided by a $95,000 Better Futures for Iowans grant.
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From Private to Public: Robert Brennan Continues to Make a Mark on Testing Around the World

Robert Brennan, a national expert in educational testing, was an integral part of ACT® for nearly 20 years before returning to academia and joining the University of Iowa College of Education faculty in 1994.
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STEM experience draws high school students from across Iowa

Iowa middle school and high school researchers visit the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research Annex Lab, where they learn how a rain flow/pressure monitoring device works.
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